Glamour and Grind

Meet Becca Carrigan! The mastermind and creative genius behind Glamour and Grind. I had the pleasure of working with Becca for the first time a little over a year ago at a styled shoot at the amazing Chandler Oaks Barn (check out my post in styled shoots). Needless to say working with Becca got me hooked on these amazing “faux” events.

Becca’s eye for detail and ability to take your vision and supersede your expectations is a talent that not many “event designers/planners” have. I cannot brag enough about her so I decided to showcase her and her talents on my blog today as one Sweets by Staci‘s Featured Vendors. Scroll below to learn a little bit about Becca and what makes her tick.

  1. What is your business name? Glamour & Grind
  2. How long have you been in business? A little under 2 years now
  3. Where are you located? Jacksonville Florida 
  4. How should people contact you? Facebook Messenger 
  5. How did you come up with the name of your business? I was having my hair down and the hairstylist kept saying Glamour/Glamorous and I was working to come up with a blog name and it just caught my attention. I was going to tell my boyfriend a different name for the blog when Glamour & Grind popped in my head and I knew it was it. 
  6. What made you want to be an event planner? I was a photographer throughout college and before that I did videography. I was planning an event for my job in college as the media coordinator at USFSP and I just knew it was a good fit. I felt my background would help me choose the best vendors and relay information well to vendors on what the client wanted. 
  7. What do you love most about being an event planner? I love helping people. I’ve always been a people pleaser so this is the perfect job for me. 
  8. What’s the craziest/most off the wall wedding/event you’ve ever done? I have a Harry Potter wedding in May that I’m really looking forward to! 
  9. What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled for a wedding/event? My first wedding was in Orlando but in June I will be traveling to Williamsburg Virginia for a wedding.
  10. What’s your favorite type of event? I love styled shoots. They’re so fun to put together and its a great way to meet new people! Some of my closest friends have come from planning these wedding vendor events. Its practically a networking social which I also love! 
  11. If you were given the opportunity to do a destination wedding, where would you want to go and why? Italy. I studied Italian art and culture in college and would love to see it in real life. 
  12. What type of events do you do? I do weddings, corporate events, special events and styled shoots. 
  13. How would you describe your style? I would say my style is modern minimalist. I think a little goes a long way. 
  14. What is a piece of advice you can give to any clients? Don’t be afraid to reach out to your wedding coordinator. We should be a resource for you, often times we have great recommendations or can get you a discount because other vendors love to work with a wedding coordinator. 

Now some fun questions!

  1. What is your favorite thing to do around Jacksonville? Check out new places I find on instagram or pinterest 
  2. What’s your favorite food? Tacos!
  3. What’s your favorite dessert? Zepollis from Als pizza 
  4. What’s your favorite movie? The Notebook or Mean Girls
  5. What’s your favorite song? It changes so often! Probably any love song by Thomas Rhett. 
  6. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one thing you couldn’t live without? My cats 
  7. Favorite restaurant? Taco Lu 
  8. Favorite place to hang out in Jacksonville? When I have free time (ha! I’m a business owner that doesn’t exist) I like to go hang out in the cat area of the humane society. 

To hear more about Becca and book her for your event, check out her contact info and social media info below!





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